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EPIC NYE Saturday Party Only Pass (8pm start) $90

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EPIC NYE Saturday Party Only Pass (8pm start) $90

An EPIC New Year Party

This year, we are doing a one-night banger of a party in Edmonton to ring in 2023 with a Studio 54 theme! The evening includes an optional dinner (space is limited), DJ dance party, play spaces, and the sexiest group of people we could invite!

**Please note that we will be doing something Friday, Dec 30 for those in the hotel.. Buuuuut we are going to try something different that night... It is going to be a CHILL and CASUAL night for our group. Think board games, card games, fun group party games (the kind with your clothes on perverts), maybe spaces for the DnD folks to get a game going, casual conversations in the lounge, quiet spaces, movie night (Studio 54 of course!)...think relaxed and comfy attire- jeans, t-shirts, onesies, hoodies, even grey sweatpants!! More details when we send out the itinerary...Relax and save your energy for the Saturday party

Hotel rooms are on hold for our group for the weekend, so make sure that you get yours early. Please note: hotel priority goes to two-night bookings first (Friday & Saturday), then those with dinner passes, then those with just party passes (by order of payment received). More information will be in the registration form on Wednesday. The link will be posted in the FB group and on our website at www.epiclsevents.com

How to sign up:

Step 1. Fill out the registration form here: https://forms.gle/A5AiM6ZqHRvFk4b6A

Step 2. Send in your payment for your access passes (Do not send money for the hotel room)

Step 3. Be patient and wait to receive your confirmation email. This will include if you have a hotel room or if you are on the hotel room waitlist.

Step 4. If you receive a hotel room you DO NOT need to contact the hotel as your room will be assigned.

Step 5. Show up Dec 31 and join the party!


Event Pricing 

Full Weekend Pass includes Dinner: $150/person

Saturday Party only Pass: $90/person

Dinner only pass: $60/person

Friday Chill Night Only: $25/person



Hotel Check-in: starts at 3pm

Event registration open: 3pm-11pm

Cocktails: 5pm-7pm

Dinner 7pm-9pm

Dance: 9pm- 2am

Play areas open 8pm

Champagne toast: 11:59pm

If you have any questions, do no hesitate to ask!

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